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Adelaide Goal was built in 1840. the first prisoners moved in in March 1841. Since then, until the Goal's closure in February 1988 many had died in the goal, from natural causes, accidents, legal executions and other causes. The area that we focused on was the 'New Building'. Built in 1879 this building is an addition to the old part of the Goal. The building itself is 'T' shaped with entrances to three wings (southern, western and northern). There is an iron-work staircase in the west wing which leads to a second level balcony. The 'New Building' is now used for functions.

(UK Paranormal)
Samantha Marriott

(Guest's )
Belinda Rowland
Judy Rowland

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We Made Two Separate Visits to the Gaol

First Visit
Area: Tower

Before entering the tower Belinda glanced up at the second story window and saw a figure of a women.

When we walked inside the tower we noticed that there was no staircase or landing that the woman could have been standing on but there were markings on the wall to show that there was once a spiral staircase that ran up the inside wall.

Area: The New Building - Southern Wing

This area of the building has cells down either side on both the upper and lower level. At the far end, on the upper level is a trapdoor and gallows. 21 prisoners were hung in this area. On the day of an execution the cells were emptied.

We both entered the New Building via the Northern Wing door. Before entering the building Belinda switched off a tape recorded 'guided tour of the Goal' which we had both been listening too.

We made our way through the building, walking from the Northern Wing through to the West Wing and finally ended up in the Southern Wing.

We were in the South wing for a few minutes when we both heard the sound of a male voice moaning. We had no recording equipment on use at the time so we decided to come back again.


Second Visit
Area: The New Building
Time: 14.30

We arrived at the Goal at 14:30 and, while Belinda and her sister Judy were looking around the rest of the Goal Sam went into the New Building and set a dictaphone on the iron-work steps.
We'd checked with the front-desk that, apart from a couple of workmen we were the only group of tourists in the goal.
By the time we got to the New Building the dictaphone had been recording for 45 minutes.
During that 45 minutes nobody had been in the New Building - the workmen were working in the women's goal section all the time we were there.

The next day, at home we listened to the tape - On the tape the sound of a trap door opening occurs 10 times in the space 20 minutes. (we are in the process of getting the tape from Samantha with a hope to upload what we caught)

Overall the Gaol is a wonderful place, we would hope that futher investigations will bring us more evidence.


Sam Marriott







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