UK Paranormal's latest investigation.

Galleries of Justice, Nottingham.

UK Paranormal spent the night at the haunted Galleries of Justice in Nottingham for what turned out to be quiet an active night. Full report will be posted on the 'Investigations' page soon.


UK Paranormal in print.

HAUNTED NOTTINGHAM by Andrew James Wright and Louise Marriott.

Photography by Louise and Samantha Marriott, research by Andrew James Wright, Louise Marriott and Samantha Marriott.

Published by Tempus

 One of a collection of books looking at local hauntings. Published throughout the country.

The streets and buildings of Nottingham are alive (if that's the right word to use) with ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Haunted Nottingham explores the supernatural side of the city and it's surrounding areas and finds many reports of the unexplained happenings, weird goings-on and ghostly appearances.

The author Andrew James Wright, has been a ghost investigator for 30 years and has accumulated a vast collection of spooky stories from all over the East Midlands. His recent Haunted Leicester has become a bestseller.

Available from Waterstones, Amazon online and all good book shops.


I'm a researcher working on six short films for the Discovery Channel.
 One of the films we would like to make is about someone who investigates or passionately believes in extra-terrestrial life - and it's up to me to find him or her.  The interviewee would have to be able to speak passionately and intelligently about "life out there" and aged between 26-39. There would be a £750 fee paid for taking part. 
Would anyone at UK Paranormal fit this bill? Or can you think of anyone you've met that would? If you can't think of anyone, perhaps you could give me the details of someone else who might be able to help.

I look forward to hearing back from you!
01273 605810



New Investigation Report:- The Harlequin Pub at Sheffield has had it's first ever investigation, please visit the Investigations page for details.


After a small break from Investigations UKParanormal are back!!

UK Paranormal pretty much took a back seat on the Investigation front during 2006, this gave us chance to see what was happening in general throughout the Paranormal world. With interest we watched events/groups come and go and we have waited until it was time for UK's leading Paranormal Investigation group to get back to what we are good at. So with team spirit high we are looking forward to a new year of investigations, like aways it will cover the entire country and we are always on the lookout for new places. Our calender is pretty full for the new year so keep your eye on the Investigations page and lets see UK Paranormal "Searching for the Truth"



I.T.V Factual - ‘Extreme Ghost Stories’
New programme - Can you help?

From Melissa Klapp, Associate Producer, 'Extreme Ghost Stories'

I am working for ITV Factual and we are making 4 one hour programmes called ‘Extreme Ghost Stories’. We intend to reconstruct these experiences by docu-drama pieces with dramatic visual effects, while that person recounts to the viewer what happened and how they felt and how they dealt with it. As the title suggests we want to hear from people who have experienced more than just a sighting/or something they thought they saw. We are interested in terrifying accounts of poltergeists and ghosts and how this has affected lives or what life changes were made since? The programme will be made up of exact sequences of events and will be fact based. Our aim is to make an intelligent and thrilling series.

Please get in touch, either by email Mellissa.klapp@granadamedia.com or by phone on 020 7261 3287.

If you feel you can help please mention UK Paranormal when you contact her


A new investigation has been added to the site. The Bell Inn in Nottingham.
Thanks to Brian, the landlord we had access to both the building and the extensive cave system underneath.


Take a look at the link at the bottom of the ORBS page, there is a new book out by Anthony Kevan Sercombe, Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction? Any comments about this book can be made on our Forum



Take a look at the Original Galleries of Justice Investigation page, go down to evp's and download the evp's from the second investigation done there, there is no report at this time but the sounds were so strong that we felt that they should be heard, all comments are welcome on the forum.



Another picture sent to us that is very strange indeed, any comments about this picture or infact any of the Visitors Pictures, please follow the link to the forum and post



Check out the new picture in the Visitor Pictures page, now this one is strange indeed!!



New Investigation report from The Bell Inn (clacton)


Overseas Investigation by Samantha Marriott The Adelaide Gaol(South Australia)


New Investigation report from the Ram Inn
(Ram Inn Investiagtion 4)

New Investigation report from the Greyhound Inn


Situations Vacant.

Are you a sound engineer?
Do you understand sound Frequencies?
Are you interested in the paranormal?

If you have answered yes to the above questions we at UK Paranormal want to talk to you.
We believe that EVP is one the best ways forward in the field of paranormal research, and would like to find someone to join us with the technical know how and understanding of sound recording at different frequencies.
We propose to extend our experiments in EVP to cover several different areas of the sound spectrum, but we need your help.
Please be aware that we are a non profit making amateur organisation, and that if you wish to contribute you will be so as part of team on club basis. You will be donating your time and experience free of charge and may even be expected to help towards any costs charged by alleged haunted locations for us spend the needed time there. All travel will also be at your own expense.
Still interested, then mail us at,


Electronics Boffin.

We are also in need of someone with an understanding of the finer side of electronics. Someone with the imagination to come up with ideas for future experiments at alleged haunted locations and the know how to build any test gear we require.
Sound like you?
Get in touch.
Please be aware that we are a non profit making amateur organisation, and that if you wish to contribute you will be so as part of team on club basis. You will be donating your time and experience free of charge and may even be expected to help towards any costs charged by alleged haunted locations for us spend the needed time there. All travel will also be at your own expense.



UK Paranormal is pleased to announce it's Web Award.


We are currently looking into a possible new site for us to investigate, we are planning to do a Preliminary there over the next few weeks with a view to doing a full investigation as soon as possible.

We've been given another Award for our site from Western State Hospital, check it out on the Awards page, then give it a click to goto there site.

We are currently creating a UKP Award for sites that we think deserve it, so keep your eyes out for that one.

Just added a short story to the Stories page.

We would all like to send our best wishes to Sam on flying many many miles away to the land of OZ. I'm sure she'll be finding locations out there for us to investigate!!


As of today 24th March 2004 UK Paranormal are pleased to announce that we are now covered by public liability insurance to the sum of £1,000,000. That means we should now be able to gain access to several venues that were closed to us due to our lack of insurance cover.

2004 looks like it's going to be another exciting year for us here at UK Paranormal.

Orbs, do you believe they are paranormal?

As you may have noticed UK Paranormal have recently published a small article by Mike Driscoll that tries in some way to explain why we think orbs are not paranormal at all.
In the interest of fairness we would like to also publish an article from someone who believes that they ARE paranormal.
So if you believe orbs to be paranormal and can produce a logical and structured argument for your point (not "orbs are real cos Derek Acorah says so", or some such), in a sensible way, then get writing and send it in to us. We will publish what we consider to be the best argument for the case.

Our third visit to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem along with a competition winner.

A vigil from The Old Silent Inn in Yorkshire.

And the write up from the preliminary visit to the Fountain Inn.

Also to come is a report from the other members of the team about there visit to the Sir John Borlaise Warren public house in Nottingham.

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