The Ancient Ram Inn (Wooton-Under-Edge, Glouc)
- 2nd visit. 24th May 2003


The team had all assembled by 8:30 so we found John the owner and made our way inside. We were introduced to a small group of people who were visiting the Inn whilst on holiday, they had a strong interest in the paranormal and showed an interest in returning later that night to see what went on during an overnight vigil, so we invited them to return at around midnight. After a quick chat with John a few pictures (digital and 35mm), were taken of the outside for control purposes should anything unusual be captured later in the investigation. By now Keryn, our sensitive, was ready to undertake her initial walk through of the building to gain her first impressions of any activity that may be taking place. Below is a full transcript of the video taken at the time.

Keryn's Impressions.

Bishops Room.

As door opens "I just saw a guy sat there". Points at chair just inside the door and to the left.
He has a little bit of grey at the temples and he was expecting us. "I don't like this room".
Being pulled towards the bed nearest the window. Feeling is in stomach and very strong. Got a headache now.
It's very strong in here, lots of activity.
Asks "what's behind that wall then?" Points at wall that divides the Bishops Room from the hall way at the top of the stairs and the Den.


Now being pulled back towards the Bishops Room.
Asks, "Is there something in the wall that's in-between the two rooms?"

Left side of face hurts as if she has just been hit.

Witches Room.

Not nice in here.
Like poltergeist feeling. Real strong.
Now I feel like I'm being pushed through the floor.
A lot of blood.
Can see bones but I did here John mention that earlier on.
There is a strong presence in this room that wants me out.
Something is physically trying to push her from the room.
(Anomaly caught on video at this point).
They were expecting us.
There has been activity here today.
They are being quite quiet at the moment.
They know we are here.
Just saw a guy, same as in the Bishops Room.
Don't know if I'm getting all this from this room because it's so strong everywhere in here.
Just made this guy angry.
Not an ordinary man.
All I can see is he has a very long mouth.
Very strong and powerful, like he can punch you know?
Finding it hard to concentrate.
Bad headache.
Aches and pains in abdomen area.


Lot of rumbling and shaking goes in here.
Someone was hung. Maybe a sexual thing, you know thread the noose for fun and it went wrong.
Still getting the older guy from downstairs.
Not an ordinary spirit, takes on human form.
Someone on the floor face down, stabbed in the back, and punctured the heart.
When I came in earlier I saw a horse, but it has something to with devil worship.
John has something to do with it-he is a sensitive and I believe he is having conversations with these spirits.
There is a strong presence that can move things around. Can smell musk - a woman's smell.
I've just seen a fire with bodies being thrown into it.
Just nastiness here-it's a horrible place-lots of stuff has happened here.
(Another anomaly recorded on video at this point.)
Trinkets being buried here. Part of a spell for protection.
Young lady with brunette hair wearing a dress tied around the waist with a ribbon.
(Another possible anomaly recorded at this point).
Bury, hiding something under a floor board. Panicky, heart racing, frightened, wants to get out, taking a cloth with her as she goes. Also a ring on her right little finger.
She was stabbed. She was crying, "don't do it! Please! Please don't do it!"
Name Katrina.

Men's Kitchen.

Wouldn't surprise me if there is a building-unclear from the tape.
Is there a well underneath this property? Or some sort of, I don't know if it's a way or, sounds like a well, but I don't know.
There is definitely a body buried, it could possibly be a child, but could also be a man.
It's all quite vague, extremely sad.
There's so much stuff in here.
Would like to go outside.

Car Park.

Under window to the bar area in the corner of the car park. Points at ground in flower bed.
There's something buried there, goes right deep underground. Definite.
A guy black hair, a musketeer? Black clothes.
Does this have an original roof, (main building)?
Something has been changed.
Somebody in the cloth, on the roof doing some work. Brown hair. Some part of the roof is different, thatched, but not quiet a thatch but similar. Long time ago.

During this time Mike and Ray took there own tour of the building taking some baseline readings with temperature and EMF meter, Scott also undertook a similar tour so that we could be sure we had covered everything. On a previous visit we had found EMF readings that were off the scale in almost every part of the property, however on this occasions the only area that either of the meters in use picked up on any reading above 1 milligauss was in the weavers attic and very near the roof. In this area the meters would jump off the scale. After a short investigation it was discovered that what appeared to be power or telephones lines ran between there poles and came very close to the tiles of the roof, almost certainly what was causing the anomaly. It is interesting that Mike reported an acute burning sensation to the hand that he was holding the EMF meter whilst in the attic area, no satisfactory explanation for this as, at this time been forthcoming. The only other thing of note during the baseline tests was an extremely creaky floorboard located at the top of the stairs and outside the door to the witch's room. Once the walk through's had been completed the group was split into teams as follows.

Team one made for the Bishops room and team two made for the witches room.

Team One
Mike Driscoll.
Samantha Marriott.
Kris West.
Anji Ricobi.

Team Two
Scott Badger.
Ray Matthews.
Keryn Carter.
Richard Reynolds.

Team one; Bishops Room.
At 10 pm we entered the Bishops Room to begin our first vigil of the night. After setting up a video camera we turned the lights off and began a fifteen minute session in the dark with complete silence so we could hear anything unusual. Kris who was sat on the chair near the chimney and Anji who was sat on the double bed also in front of the chimney both started to complain that they had cold legs. We checked the chimney for drafts but found none. Anji reported that she saw some white lights moving around near the window, and shortly afterwards Mike reported seeing a similar light in the middle of room. Neither of these showed up on the video record.
At around 10:09 noises were heard coming from the hallway outside the room and towards the top of the stairs, after confirming with group two that they were not the cause Mike from team one and Ray from team two went to investigate. It needs to be pointed out that there was some one else in the building downstairs at the time. Nothing out of the ordinary was discovered by them and as far we could tell, and after questioning the person downstairs no one came anywhere near the bottom of the stairs. Mike and Ray returned to their respective rooms.
The lights where switched back on at 10:15 and Anji reported that she had a cold feeling by the left side of her head. A digital photo was taken and a very faint orb appeared on the headboard, a second picture was taken with a different digital camera and the orb appeared in this picture also, although it had moved. This movement could be down to the pictures being taken in slightly different positions in the room however. I myself am a great believer in the orb as a soul vehicle or first manifestation of a ghost but the fact of the coldness next to Anji's ear has to be taken into account here so I leave these pictures and orbs for you to decide on. (See pictures).

We started the first EVP session in the room at 10:22 by asking our standard questions:

1. What is your name?
2. Can you tell us what year it is?
3. Are you alone here?
4. How many others are with you?
5. Do you interact with the others here?
6. Are they all from the same time as you?
7. Are you aware of your state of existence?
8. Are you happy?
9. Are you happy for us to be here with you at this time?
10. Is there anything you would tell us?
11. How long have you been here?
12. Thank you for talking with us, is there anything we can do for you?

After reviewing the tape we seem to have an answer to the question, how long have you been here? You can find this EVP towards the bottom of the page in the EVP section.

The first vigil ended at 11:00pm and we regrouped in the Witch's Room.

John joined the team at this point and performed his famous walk to the Bishops Room with his Shephard's crook for the benefit of the people present who hadn't seen it done before, although great drama and entertainment no results of a paranormal nature where gained. Mike did report that he felt the atmosphere in the Witches Room changed for a short time while the performance was taking place.
John very kindly lent us the goat sized horse shoe that had been discovered in the chimney of the Bishop's Room so we could use it for a controlled experiment in the Bishops Room. The shoe was placed on a trunk, positioned under the window and covered by a digital night-shot camera. A Dictaphone was also left in running the room and the door closed at 11:23. The group then moved to the Witches Room where we set a further controlled experiment with a wooden cross, this was covered by the analogue night-shot video camera. Leaving a Dictaphone running in this room the door was closed at 11:30. The team retired downstairs to wait while the experiment ran its course.
We returned to both rooms at midnight and found no movement on either one of the experiments.
At this time the people from the Hereford group returned to join us for a while. We separated them into two groups of two so that the team numbers would remain even. The group separated into its two halves again and returned to the two upstairs rooms for a second vigil. This time the rooms were swapped so each team would have experience of the different rooms.

Team one; Witches Room.

We entered the room at 12:22 am and set the video camera to cover as much of the room as possible and pointing towards the bed. The lights where switched off and a fifteen minute silent vigil was carried out. Apart from a few explainable anomalies nothing worthy of report happened during this time. A second EVP session was carried out at this time and results are still being analyzed. Nothing was recorded on the video record.

We spent some time exploring the attic and decided that we would try separating into groups of two and covering a little more ground with silent vigils, the rooms covered were The Bishops Room, The Witches Room, and both of the attic rooms. The only thing worthy of reporting happened to Samantha and Anji in the Witches Room. Below is the report submitted by Samantha:
Witches Room.

(final experiment : time lapse 30 minutes.)

Anji and Sam.
We positioned ourselves in the two armchairs in front of the fireplace, using the orange light from the fire so we could see if anything moved.
Switching the main lights out within 10 minutes a camera that was lying down on the table moved. (The camera was a SLR with the flashgun attached).
Soon after that we started hearing banging noises in the room - these seemed to be coming from the far, right corner. Anji pointed out a black figure that she could see standing in the same corner. Using a walkie-talkie Sam asked if anyone was moving around above them, in the attic but was told the two people up there were not moving at all.
Sam decided to set up a dictaphone on the bedside table. Once the dictaphone was set up the lights were switched out and Sam sat back down in the armchair. The noises continued and, listening to the tape afterward some were caught on tape.
The noises were random so we didn't have the opportunity to time them.

At 2:45 am we all gathered together in The Bishops Room with the intention of baiting the alleged ghost's of a Cavalier and a monk the reside in the room. Again nothing of great worth happened.

Unexplained Fast Moving Object - 105kb Download

Caught in the Bishops Room during an EVP question session.
Can you hear the answer to the question?

- 146kb Download (Please note that the response is near the end of the recording )


- An example of the bones that are built into the wall.

- Lot's of orbs! Look at the one on the rafters that appears to be coming out from behind the door frame

- Taken on Advantix film. What is the shield like shape that appears on the mantle above the fire

- The same shape caught four frames later. Is it a processing error?

- This orb appeared when Anji said she had a cold spot next the her head

- taken on a different camera. The orb is still in the area of Anji's head

- the orb is still there

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