The Ancient Ram Inn - 15th november, 2003


See report one for site research.

(UK Paranormal)
Mike Driscoll
Ray Matthews
Scott Badger
Philip Dobson

3 x Digital Video cameras.
4 x Digital stills cameras.
2 x EMF meters.
6 x Dictaphones.
1 x 35mm stills camera.
1 x Laptop with motion sensitive camera.

We arrived back at one of our favourite sites at 8:30 pm with very low expectations for the evening as our last visit had resulted in no apparent activity at all. In fact we were of the opinion that this would probably be our last visit and that we would be leaving early.
When we entered the building after being greeted by John at the door we found another group of people already there who were interested in the buildings alleged hauntings. In fact we had missed what was the first event of the evening. While the other group had been looking around the place they had entered the Bishop's room feeling a little nervous and began to look around. When they approached the bed in the centre a small object bounced off the coverlet as though thrown or dropped by someone. The object turned out to be a small new potato! Why anyone would throw or apport a potato was the first question that sprang to mind. No one had an answer for that. As we were not present when this happened and we only have second hand information, we can not possibly draw any conclusion as to weather it was a paranormal event or one of the other team playing around to spook there friends.
The UK Paranormal team left the others in the main lounge area and went for a look around the building to see if anything was out of place or felt unusual. The rooms were just as we remembered them, and felt cold but otherwise normal. On the plus side John has finally had his new bathroom fitted after many years waiting and using an outside loo and a bucket.
At 9pm we returned to our cars to retrieve our gear and get set up for the night. We took it all up to the Witch's room as we had decided that was to be our base for the duration. As usual we unpacked and checked all our equipment and had a coffee before starting the night's fun and games. So it was 9:25 when Scotty switched his EMF meter on, this seemed to be working OK and he put it down on the bed near the area that is said be stained by a phantom cat relieving itself on the bed cover. To his surprise the reading took quite a large jump upwards. We moved the sensor around and found the EMF anomaly was centred around a small area on the bed and was fluctuating quite a bit. Down as low as 1 milligauss and as high as 5 milligauss. It should be noted that a quick bare handed dowsing session did seem to reveal a small area of energy around the spot of the reading; it is more likely however that the feeling of energy was created by the thought of the meter readings and was purely a subconscious reaction. We decided that we would leave the meter there and set a video camera on it to record the fluctuations. Two tape cases were also placed; stood on edge as a kind of trigger object in case any movement was recorded. On review of the tape, nothing appeared to happen during the recording. These EMF fluctuations are as yet unexplained by the UK Paranormal team and we find them curious, as they were located in such a small area. If anyone reading this can give us a sensible and mundane reason for these readings we would be most eager to hear from you. We will certainly be looking again at this area when we return for our next visit.
As 10 pm approached we all made our way towards the Bishops Room for our first vigil of the night. It soon became apparent that we were all feeling colder than we should have. (It was November, and it was cold that night). Scotty reported a draft on his face but we could find no source for this. At 10:25 Dobbo reported that he was feeling ill and quite emotional, in fact at one point he started to cry and could not explain why he was feeling this way. Scotty switched his torch on; glanced towards Dobbo to confirm his reports of tears, and we had the strangest occurrence of the night. Scotty told us that the face looking back at him was not that of Dobbo but someone else! He described the man as having an eye missing and an empty socket that seemed to be below the level of his remaining eye, thinner in the face than Dobbo and with short blonde hair. Scotty also told us that he had a sudden chill pass through him, and that he felt quite scared. Now if you have ever worked with Scotty you will know that he has been trying for several years to find something paranormal to scare him, and all the time I have worked with him this is the first time I have ever heard him say that was scared.
Shortly after we decide on a short EVP question and answer session, asked our usual questions but this time we received no response. Mike reported seeing a "grey shadow move across the centre of the ceiling and settle over Ray's head. Ray also reported that he felt something over his head. Co-incidence? Probably. When the lights were switched back on Mike noticed that a lamp hanging from the ceiling was swaying very gently as though in a breeze. We checked and could find no draughts at all in the area. The lamp continued to sway for some time with slowing or stopping. We kept watch on it for over ten minutes, if it had been put in motion by someone's head brushing it, it would have ceased to swing quite quickly, but this just kept going.

We returned to the Witch's room for a coffee break and to check the EMF meter and tape case for movement. The EMF was still recording higher than expected readings and still in a localised area, the tape case had not moved. Whilst we were in the Witches Room a very distinctive banging and scrapping noise was heard from the wardrobe corner of the room, (this was caught on the video camera and is available in the EVP section at the bottom of the page for you to listen to), the team investigated but could find no cause for these sudden noises. Could it have been a mouse or rat? I suppose so, but I'm not aware of any mice or rats inhabiting the Ram apart from the mummified ones on the landing. There was no evidence of any droppings in the room at all, so I doubt vermin were the cause.

At midnight we tried a sťance in the Bishops Room, but no energy seemed to be in the circle and I for one did not feel the same as I have in other sťances.
Mike decided to close the circle as no one felt as though it was working and we had no experienced medium present. The only thing to report from the sťance was Ray getting the phrase "it does not concern you" over and over in his head.
The team moved upstairs into the attic area, Mike and Scotty in the bedroom and Ray and Dobbo in the main attic room. At 12:35 Mike reported that he felt his chair moving. Scotty grabbed the arm of the chair but could feel nothing.
12:50 Scotty told the rest of the team he was getting sexually excited. Scotty moved to the bed and got the mental impression of a man who had been stabbed in the stomach, not in the back as previously reported in this room. He is described as 35-40 years old and a simple man, not very bright. Scotty's words were "A fool of a man, a simpleton". He got the impression that he was killed for his money. He was also wearing a brown hood; this is interesting, because when the pictures of the night were reviewed, Ray found a picture from when Dobbo was apparently going through his transfiguration. This shows Dobbo in his natural state, but in the mirror behind him is the possible image of a man in a hood, see below. Dobbo and Ray joined Mike and Scotty in the bedroom area as it seemed most intense in there.
After we had sat in dark and in silence for some time Mike wanted to go into the larger loft area, he was warned by Scotty that what ever it was inhabiting the building didn't like him, (Mike has been pushed down the stairs on three occasions in this place), and so he stayed in the bedroom for a while longer. Soon after Scotty felt the need to enter the other room as he felt someone wanted to show him something. Mike followed and he stepped over the threshold of the two rooms his legs were taken away from him and he would have fallen if not for grabbing the door frame and being caught by Dobbo. It was decided that this was what Scotty was to be shown.
The group returned to the Bishop's room for what was to be the last part of the night. Mike sat in the armchair near the sink and next to the door felt as though someone was looking over his shoulder and mocking us all. Scotty moved to the seat behind Mike but felt nothing at all.
Dobbo was sat in the chair on the other side of the door and commented that he was getting emotional again. As Scotty seemed to be in tune with whatever possible presence was with us he moved to Dobbo's chair. Below is what happened in Scotty's own words.

"While sat where Dobbo was sat, I got the feeling of being aroused again, but this time it was a lot stronger, to a point I was feeling almost uncomfortable, this broke whatever concentration I had other than the feeling that I had, I was asked by Dobbo how I felt and was reluctant to say, but Dobbo wanted to know, so I announced what was happening, within a minute of saying it, I could feel what ever move away from me and head towards the nearest bed, where Ray (I think) was laid down, Ray reported that he felt his legs feel cold at this point. I can't tell you why I felt like I did, the room was very cold, it was almost a scary situation, with things going off, so it seemed all the time, it's no reason for me to be aroused at all. So do I think that it was an attack from a succubus? Wouldn't like to say at this point, the feeling was intense and after a while quite nice. I can not comment any further until more investigation into the supposed attacks can take place"

That was pretty much the end of the night for us except when outside mike and Scotty bit reported seeing a shadow move through the light coming from the kitchen. Well what can I say? We went to Ram on this expedition with low expectations and were surprised by how active the building appeared, from finished I think. My natural reluctance to conclude that this is a genuine haunting is still there and I won't say that I believe there are ghosts in the rooms of The Ancient Ram Inn; I will say that it is an interesting place to spend a cold night. I will also add that the temperature, if not time of year seems to have an effect on the activity in the Ram Inn. In UK Paranormal's limited experience in this fascinating building we have seen several forms of activity, but only when it's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey! When the weather is warm and pleasant, the Ram seems like a different place entirely.

On a final note I would like to say that the Ram is a haven for paranormal investigation teams and a source of what could well be some great evidence, I would like to ask then, why is it some people seem to think they have the right to destroy John's property and treat his home like they would, probably, there own? In recent months John has let countless people into his home to spend the night and investigate the goings on there. A few people however seem to think it's funny to destroy his property! The red coverlets on the beds in the bishops have been cut and damaged, they alone were over 50 years old, and several of his Toby jugs have been smashed! John is considering stopping letting people into his home, and with the behavior of some I can't blame him!

So come on, when you visit him and his home make sure to leave a generous donation towards the up keep of this building. Every member of UK Paranormal leaves him a donation of at least £10 every time we visit. John is reluctant to report these vandals to the police, I'm not, if you hear of who they are let me know and I will put and end to it. It's always a sad few who try and spoil it for the serious minded, sensible majority, so let's stop it now ok?

Sound heard in wardrobe area of the witch's room
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- Can you see a hooded man behind Dobbo in the mirror?

- Image oulined. Pattern recognition probably

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